UPDATE REPORT - May 16th, 2018:


 By: Anthony Reynolds - May 30th, 2017

The below article and my factual corrections have been hand delivered to Media24 at 251 Oak Avenue, Randburg, 2194, Gauteng, South Africa marked for the attention of Marga Ley on Tuesday February 28th, 2017.
I have officially informed Marga Ley that the applicable article does not comply with the standards required by the SA Press Code and the false and misleading information contained therein will adversely affect my business, CamRey Associates, as well as damage the credibility and sound reputation of the Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds.
I have respectfully requested Marga Ley to instruct Leanne George to either retract the article from the public domain, or to make the necessary changes and corrections to ensure the article is factually correct and not misleading, accurate, balanced, fair and just, not bias or written with malice, within context and true.
Leanne George, Rapport, and in particular its ombudsman Marga Ley, has totally ignored my request and continued to publish the malicious and false article in the public domain, including on the internet.
I am aware that the objective of the article was to add to Media24’s long standing false media campaign against Mark Paulsmeier over his strict corporate media policy, but ultimately the only parties that are adversely affected by this particular false and misleading article in the Rapport is CamRey Associates, the credibility of the Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bond financial instruments and the drought stricken farmers of South Africa who desperately need the more than a billion SA Rand donated by GABM members.
‘Landbouers se “miljard” le in kluis’ Deur Leanne George, 2 Oktober 2016 article in the Rapport newspaper.
CamRey Associates Response: 

The heading of this article suggest TLU SA is keeping the 233 Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds, donated by GABM members, in a vault. The question is WHY? TLU SA is supposed to exchange the 233 Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds to the SA Rand currency at CamRey Associates and to urgently distribute the funds to SA farmers in respect of emergency financial aid. Why does TLU SA refrain from doing just that? Maybe it is because TLU SA has already sold the original financial instruments and the keep counterfeit copies in their vault to fool the farmers of SA.
CamRey Associates will exchange the 233 Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds to the SA Rand currency at any given time, provided TLU SA has the legal authority to sell these 233 financial instruments. We are waiting for TLU SA to come AT ANY TIME WITH THE ORIGINAL 233 INVESTMENT SNG GLOBAL DOLLAR BEARER BONDS.
Rapport: Een van die land se grootste landbouorganisasies sit met pap op die gesig nadat hulle met groot dankbaarheid ’n papier- “skenking” van sowat ’n miljard rand aan droogtehulp ontvang het wat na bewering waardeloos is. 

CamRey Associates Response: 

The latter part of this paragraph is utter nonsense, misleading, bias and factually incorrect.  

The current value of an Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bond is $450 000 US as determined at the February 2017 CamRey Associates auction. The international demand for Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds remains very high. 

Rapport, you and your journalist Leanne George have made a huge error to publish such a bias and irresponsible statement or opinion.  

CamRey Associates is the only official international exchange where Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds could be exchanged for any other international currency.  Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds worth several billion USD have been traded during the 2016 financial year through CamRey Associates as well as on the open market.  

You are free to visit the CamRey Associates’ Facebook page from time to time to obtain the latest information about the Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bond financial instruments. Why did you not do that and instead publish your bias and misleading opinions.  

I believe the SA Press Code requires from journalists to confirm information from independent sources and not publish obvious misleading and malicious information.  
Rapport: Louis Meintjes, president van die TLU SA, het in September aangekondig dat hulle ’n skenking in die vorm van “effekte” in ’n “virtuele geldeenheid” ontvang het van die organisasie Global Association of Billion­aires and Millionaires (GABM).
CamRey Associates Response: 

Mr. Meintjes obviously provided untrue and factually incorrect and misleading information, which were published by Rapport knowing that it is not factually correct.  

TLU SA has received 233 Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds, which are paper financial instruments. These 233 financial instruments have been donated by GABM members in their personal capacity and not the Global Association of Billionaires and Millionaires (GABM) organization.
Rapport: Mark Pauls­meier van Hoedspruit is die “stigter” van die groep.
CamRey Associates Response: 

Mark Paulsmeier is indeed the founding member of the Global Association of Billionaires and Millionaires (GABM) organization.

Rapport: Ondanks twyfel oor of die “skenking” enige waarde het, bewaar die TLU SA steeds die papiere in sy kluis en hou vol dat die organisasie nog moontlikhede ondersoek om dit in miljoene rande se kontant te omskep om droogtegeteisterde boere by te staan.
CamRey Associates Response:
It is not necessary for TLU SA to look for ways to exchange the 233 Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds to the SA Rand currency. They can simply conclude the currency exchange at CamRey Associates, provided they have the legal authority to sell.
The global trading in Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds is strictly administered by CamRey Associates in terms of international laws.
There are only two official ways in which one can trade with Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds. Large volumes [10 or more] of Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds can only be traded at monthly auctions held by CamRey Associates, or specifically arranged auctions as is the case with the 233 financial instruments donated by GABM members.
Individual Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds [1 to 10] can be traded freely between willing buyers and willing sellers, subject to the sellers reporting any change of ownership to CamRey Associates in terms of international laws and record purposes.
Rapport: Rapport is een van verskeie koerante wêreldwyd – waaronder ook die Britse Guardian en die Financial Times – wat die laaste paar jaar berig het oor Paulsmeier se buitensporige aansprake, soos toe hy in 2005 aangekondig het hy gaan die Britse supermarkgroep Marks & Spencer saam met bestuurslede koop vir £10 miljard.
CamRey Associates Response:
Yet another malicious and misleading statement! These newspaper groups reported on one transaction only and certainly not a few as suggested by Leanne George.

That was the Marks & Spencer transaction. These newspaper groups, including the corrupt Rapport newspaper, have falsely alleged that Mark Paulsmeier has planned to buy the Marks & Spencer retailer in his personal capacity.

Mark Paulsmeier has to my knowledge never made any kind of announcement that he would be part of a Marks & Spencer management buy-out. He only facilitated the funding for the proposed transaction. Rapport has again proof it publishes false and malicious fake news.
Leanne George and Rapport, Why did you not published Mark Paulsmeier’s version of events that are publicly available or is it proof of your strategy to provide information that is deliberately false, not balanced and not within context as required by the SA Press Code.
Rapport: Paulsmeier het volgens die Guardian handdoek ingegooi en gesê hy was slegs ’n “middelman” wat die “transaksie” wou bemiddel.
In Junie vanjaar het hy aangekondig dat hy en sy medebiljoenêrs, almal lede van die GABM, sowat R1 miljard aan droogtehulp aan Suid-Afrikaanse boere gaan skenk. Oor die “skenking” is wyd in die Suid-Afrikaanse media berig.
CamRey Associates Response:
Mark Paulsmeier has indeed approached the members of GABM with a request to donate funds to his $70 million GABM South Africa Drought Relief Project initiative. 233 GABM members have responded to his request and donated 233 Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds towards this noble initiative.
Yes, the donation was widely published by corrupt Media24 newspapers, which have published false, defamatory and misleading facts. The Media24 newspapers could to this date not provide any shred of evidence to support their narrative and fake news.
The only other newspaper, Die Vryburger, who has echoed the information published by Media24 has quickly realized that it was materially false and they have retracted the publication with immediate effect and offered an unconditional apology to Mark Paulsmeier. Read Die Vryburger letter of apology
Rapport: Nadat Paulsmeier geweier het om geouditeerde finansiële state en besonderhede oor sy ouditeurs en bankiers te verskaf, het Agri SA en die regering van die “skenking” weggestap.
CamRey Associates Response:
This paragraph is not entirely correct, but instead malicious and misleading at best.
To my knowledge Agri SA has requested from Mark Paulsmeier to submit to them his personal audited financial statements, apparently in terms of South Africa’s FICA regulations. Why would it be necessary for Mark Paulsmeier to provide his personal audited financial statements to Agri SA when he facilitates a $70 million USD donation from international donors for the benefit of drought stricken farmers in South Africa?  I am told that in terms of South Africa’s FICA regulations individuals are normally required to provide their personal physical and contact details, etc. Most definitely not their respective audited financial statements.  
Agri SA also requested the audited financial statements of the GABM organization and the full particulars of the GABM organization and each member of its management team, apparently also in terms of South Africa’s FICA regulations. Why would Agri SA need this information from the GABM organization when the organization is not involved in the $70 million GABM South African Drought Relief Project initiative?
It was a private initiative between Mark Paulsmeier and 233 GABM members in their individual capacities.
When the GABM organization declined the request from Agri SA, this was given as an excuse to walk away from supporting a billion rand donation to the drought stricken farmers of South Africa. I am sorry but this makes no sense whatsoever. It is a bizarre situation and Agri SA and the South African government should explain themselves in this regard.
Rapport: TLU SA was egter minder skepties en in Augustus kondig GABM op hul Facebook-blad aan dat hulle 233 “SNG Global Dollar Bonds” ter waarde van “$300 000 elk” aan TLU oorhandig het.
CamRey Associates Response:
The donation was officially cancelled when Agri SA and the South African government walked away from the $70 million GABM South African Drought Relief Project initiative.
To my knowledge TLU SA then contacted Mark Paulsmeier with a proposal that TLU SA would conclude the $70 million GABM South African Drought Relief Project initiative on behalf of Mark Paulsmeier.
The 233 GABM members have agreed to TLU SA’s proposal and the 233 Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds were handed to TLU SA.
Rapport: TLU sou die opsie hê om hierdie effekte op ’n “openbare veiling” wat deur die maatskappy CamRey Associates gereël word, op te veil.
CamRey Associates Response:
I, CEO of CamRey Associates, have indeed arranged a special auction to convert the 233 SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds to ZAR on behalf of TLU SA.
Rapport: Volgens GABM se jongste verklaring is die veiling Dinsdag gehou, maar TLU het nooit hul effekte te koop aangebied nie. Luidens die verklaring is CamRey Associates gedwing om TLU SA met “ander internasionale verkopers te vervang” omdat die “ryk Suid-Afrikaners min die geleentheid kry om SNG Global Dollar-effekte te koop”.
Meintjes was hierdie week uit die veld geslaan toe Rapport hom bel met die nuus dat hulle die geleentheid om die skatte in sy kluis te verkoop, verbeur het.
CamRey Associates Response:
CamRey Associates, as official international currency exchange of the Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bond financial instruments, was and still is prepared to exchange the 233 Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds at any time provided TLU SA has the legal authority to sell these 233 financial instruments. Again, I have invited TLU SA and Bennie van Zyl in particular to meet with me and to conclude the transaction. TLU SA never came.
Rapport: Hy sê Pauls­meier het hulle nooit gesê van die “veiling” nie.
CamRey Associates Response:
The auction arrangements were made between CamRey Associates and Bennie van Zyl at TLU SA directly and not Mark Paulsmeier. Mark Paulsmeier was not involved in this process at all and did not know what was happening.
Rapport: Hy sê TLU SA en CamRey het wel onderhandel oor die veiling, maar dit het platgeval nadat TLU nagelaat het om “sekere dokumente aan die Amerikaners te verskaf”.
CamRey Associates Response:
This statement by itself substantiate that TLU SA is lying all along. TLU SA has on numerous occasions stated that they are apparently not able to find any third party that is willing to buy the said 233 Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds.
This statement clearly suggests that there is indeed a willing ‘buyer’, namely CamRey Associates, but the transaction only failed because TLU SA failed to provide certain documentation.
The only problem I see is that the conversion process of the 233 Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds to the SA Rand currency would be slightly delayed until such time TLU SA complies with the administrative requirements of the transaction.
Rapport: Bennie van Zyl, die TLU se hoofbestuurder, het aan Rapport gesê “anonieme kenners” van oorsee help die TLU om die effekte in geld te probeer omskakel. Hy sê hulle het nog nie een van dié kenners ontmoet nie, maar het per e-pos met hulle gekommunikeer.
CamRey Associates Response:
Why would TLU SA work with ‘anonymous sources’ to convert the 233 financial instruments to the SA Rand currency, when CamRey Associates as the only official international exchange is willing and able to assist them?
CamRey Associates is very concerned by such a statement as it may very well suggest the involvement of third parties who do not operate legally.
TLU SA should name these ‘anonymous sources’ to confirm its credibility and narrative.
Rapport: Meintjes hou vol dat die ­“effekte” in die TLU se kluis wel waarde het en sê wat hom pla is dat “meer mense bid dat dié goed (die effekte) nie reg is nie as wat daar mense wat bid dat dit reg is”.
CamRey Associates Response:
TLU SA is correct by saying the 233 Investment SNG Global Dollar Bearer Bonds are extremely valuable financial instruments.

The civil lawsuits against Naspers/Media24/Agri SA/ TLU SA/Koos Bekker/Leanne George/Gerrit van Rooyen/ Bennie van Zyl/Louis Meintjes/Omri van Zyl/Christo van der Rheede include:

CamRey Associates - $100 million

GABM donor members - $350 million

IBDF International LLC dba the Paulsmeier Inc Group - $2 billion

Mark Paulsmeier - $12 million

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